Women in Dance: Patronage, Performance, Pedagogy

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lieu:  Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh

The annual conference brings together international research, new reconstructions and critical debate in dance and performing arts history. 2024 marks the 450th birth anniversary of Anne of Denmark, the first Queen of Scotland, England and Ireland, and also a crucial woman in the history of female performance due to her patronage and participation in masques, theatrical and dancing productions at the Stuart court. Women in Dance: Patronage, Performance and Pedagogy pays homage to this anniversary and other important figures and events under this topic.

EADH welcomes academics, practitioners, and anyone interested in the juxtaposition of ‘then’ and ‘now’, past and present achievements, problems and challenges faced by ‘Women in Dance’. In that context, some of the topics of discussion we propose are, amongst others:

  • Female patronage in dance from Anne of Denmark & Catherine de Medicis to Ninette de Valois

  • Unknown stories: patronesses, lady directresses, choreographers, dancing mistresses

  • Women and technology: from flying machines and tourne-hanches to AI

  • Practice and research in female dance education

  • Female creativity in the ballroom and on stage

  • The changing image of the chorus girl: female dancers in print, paintings, and caricatures

  • Creating the ideal: bodies and costumes in theatrical and social dancing

  • Female homosocial dance traditions and practices.

    Other proposals on general topics are also welcomed.

    We welcome submissions for the presentation of papers (25 min) or posters (the later particularly from undergraduate and postgraduate students), demonstrations (15 min) and workshops (45 min).

    Please send proposals of about 200 words to eadhdance@gmail.com by Sunday, 28 April 2024, stating any technical requirement. If live demonstration is a significant part of your paper, please indicate this for planning purposes. More details available on the EADH website www.eadh.com/events.

    This conference is promoted in collaboration with Dance & History e.V.: www.danceandhistory.org/en/